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Timashova Ol'ga Vladimirovna, Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of Russian literature and folklore, Institute of Phylology and Journalism, Saratov State University named after         N. G. Chernyshevsky (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. The aim of the piece is to start an empirical investigation of the asprcts of literary influence of Göete on the works of a Russian writer of the middle of XIX century A. Pisemsky (1821–1881) within the framework of his active years (1850–1881). For the first time a literary tradition connecting the subject matter, the main character and the aesthetic manifests of Pisemsky’s story “The Comic Actor” and the poetics and aesthetic program of Göete’s novel “Vilgelm Meister’s Scholar Years” is established. The problematic is enlarged due to journal and critical context: the interest of thick journals of 1840-1850 in general and the journal “Moskvityanin” in particular.
Materials and methods. The article combines comparative, historical-literary and critical investigative methods.
Results. It is proved that the interest of the Russian writer to Göete – a theoretician of literature, Shakespeare’s interpreter – was not limited by the desire to imitate his subject lines and images in the Russian spirit. It was rather to learn the basic aesthetic categories. It was found out that two masters had close aesthetic views. Pisemsky has adopted Göete’s concept of the artist as a product of his upbringing not some abstract genius or fate. The former was keen on Göete’s conviction that no free interpretation of classical texts is ever possible. In the sphere of poetics it is possible to speak about Pisemsky’s doublets: contrasting secondary characters whose individual characteristics do not go beyond typical mediocrity – under Göete’s influence again. It is proved that Pisemsky’s influences are to be regarded within the frame of ideological and aesthetic program of the journal Moskvityanin” of the time of the “green editors” headed by A. Ostrovsky and A. Grigoryev.

Key words

A. F. Pisemsky, Göete novel «Vilgelm Мeyster», story «The Comic Actor», Russian-Germany relations.

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